Sunday, 29 January 2017

January Kaisercraft Challenge

Hi all,

This year I want to challenge myself to craft more, and one of the ways I'm accomplishing this is by participating in monthly challenges! This month I decided to give the January Kaisercraft Challenge a go and create a pocket-page layout based off their bingo cards.

I used the Kaisercraft collection 'Life's Treasures', together with the words 'handwritten journaling', 'favourite photo', printed papers only' and 'a special event' to create this pocket-page spread.

I've decided to keep my pocket-page scrapping simple, and I love how all the colours in this collection work together - you really don't need to add much to make a beautiful page!

This spread celebrates going out with friends wearing a new skirt I made. It sounds silly, but I'm so proud of how my sewing skills are progressing!

My favourite photo is the one on the left - I'm pulling a pose reminiscent of my 'Bird Girl' poses when I played the part in Seussical the Musical last year. It's silly and it's fun and it's very, very me!

I hope you've enjoyed my take on the challenge. Stay tuned for more pocket-page spreads and some news on the ways I'm challenging myself in 2017.

- Sarah -



  1. Brilliant Sarah! That's a great way to get the crafting mojo going!
    I always love your pocket page layouts!
    xx Vera

    1. Thanks Vera! You are always so kind xx