Tuesday, 9 August 2016

File Folder Mini - Wedding Survival Guide

Hi all! Well, it's been a long time since I've used this blog. Time to get the ball rolling again!

Today I'd like to share a file folder mini album I made for a friend. I got married in April this year (YAY!) and she gets married this month, so I thought it would be fun to create a 'How to Survive Your Wedding Day' album.

Here it is:

 I made the base of the album using this youtube tutorial. I originally viewed this tutorial a few years ago when I first got into mini-albums, but I've used it many times since. I used plain manilla file folders for my album and decorated it with creams and golds to give it a vintage feel.

For the cover I tea-dyed some elasticised lace that I found in my stash - here are the before and after photos. I love how it turned out!

On the inside of the front cover I hand-lettered the title of the album. I've never thought my writing was very pretty, but after a few tries I think this turned out well! If you want to practice different writing styles, I highly recommend this website. You can search for a range of different styles of font and then type in what it is you want to write. It will show you what your word/sentence looks like in the font you've chosen, and then you can practice it. I think it turned out well for me!

After finishing the cover I then filled the book with ten different 'tips' for how to survive your wedding day. Most of them were fun little common-sense reminders, but I thought it was cute regardless. I filled the book with vintage papers and lace - I've recently learned to sew (look out for a new sewing-related post!), so it was fun stitching all the lace and trims down.

And of course a wedding album wouldn't be complete without some Prima dolls! Here I paper pieced Rita...


                                  And Audrey....

And Nikki!

Overall, it was a very fun project to make, and hopefully my friend will love it! Head over to my Youtube Video if you'd like to see the whole album.

- Sarah -